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Join Char Willingham online each week for her levels 1-2 Vinyasa yoga classes via YogaWorks LIVE. Use code 'CHAR' for a 10% discount on your monthly membership of $49. A $5 donation will go to 'Color of Change' for every membership purchase.

7:00-8:00 PM


Join Char Willingham weekly online and in-person for Aerial Yoga Fundamentals and learn the basics of aerial yoga, or refine your current aerial yoga skills. Learn: (1) How to choose a hammock that works best for you. (2) How to sit on, get in and out of the hammock. (3) How to move in some familiar ways if your familiar with yoga, or learn some new movements if you’re new to yoga. (4) Learn some basic aerial yoga poses, including getting upside down in a slow, safe, instructor supported environment and fun class setting. ALL-Levels welcome. No prior knowledge of yoga, or aerial yoga experience required. All you need is a willingness to learn something new and a willingness to have fun while doing it!

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8:00-9:00 AM


Join Char Willingham online each week for her levels 1-2 Vinyasa yoga classes via YogaWorks LIVE. Use code 'CHAR' for a 10% discount on your monthly membership of $49. A $5 donation will go to 'Color of Change' for every membership purchase.

10:30-11:30 AM


Join Char Willingham Online & In Person Aerial Strength & Soar. Get ready to take your Aerial Yoga practice to the next level as you challenge yourself with resistance and gravity. Prepare to flow through powerful and creative asana based Aerial sequences that build strength and stamina while improving balance, flexibility, core and upper body strength. This class is for experienced Aerial yogis who are familiar with aerial yoga movements and feel comfortable with getting in and out of aerial yoga poses with little guidance.

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Join Char Willingham weekly on 'Impact Sundays' for Levels 1-2 Vinyasa via YogaWorks Live. Purchase a YogaWorks Live 'single day pass' to practice and 100% of single-day live stream sales from her Sunday class will be donated the 'Native American Rights Fund.' Throughout its history, NARF has impacted tens of thousands of Indian people in its work for more than 250 tribes with initiatives ranging from inherent sovereignty of tribes to assuring the return of remains and burial goods from museums and historical societies. Use code 'CHAR' for a 10% discount on your monthly membership of $49 (or) purchase your Sunday pass via the link below.


As an Interdisciplinary Movement Professional, Student, Instructor, Teacher & Educator, Char embraces a whole body approach to health and well-being, by utilizing practices that integrate the mind, body, spiritual, (non-physical) and emotional aspects of the whole person. She combines her diverse background in dance & movement, knowledge and experience in sports & fitness with her training in Yoga, Movement Science, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki, Bodywork & Sound Healing to guide and assist her clients in experiencing deeply transformative and long-term lifestyle improvements. All of which she offers through group classes & private sessions.  About Char continued...



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About Char's Movement Classes & Workshops: Yoga, Dance & Fitness

Char's group classes and workshops are multi-level and open to all. A limited number of private sessions are also available to those who would prefer to practice, or train in a more intimate setting. Her teaching style is inclusive, nurturing and down-to-earth with a focus on the success of her clients & students. When teaching dance & movement she utilizes simple choreography and motivating music to get participants out of their heads and into their bodies. Her fitness classes are safe and results driven and when teaching yoga she combines a focus on breath-centered alignment with fluid posture sequencing and mindfulness of movement; to deliver classes that are not only effective for the body, empowering for the mind and a compassionate journey inward, but also relaxing, light-hearted and enjoyable. As a reminder that movement is a part of enjoying the journey, while nurturing the heart-mind and body and discovering Self through acceptance, expression, joy and enlightenment.



Aerial Yoga, also referred to as Anti-gravity yoga is a calming, effective and fulfilling combination of Aerial Arts and traditional yoga. A typical class combines elements of a traditional yoga practice, such as breathing, stretching and mindful movement, with Aerial Yoga adaptations of mat yoga poses. Along with bending, twisting, reaching, gripping, flipping, swinging and hanging, while suspended in an aerial hammock. Non-gravity yoga offers the same wonderful benefits of mat yoga; such as lengthening of the muscles and connective tissues and increased flexibility, while also building both core and upper body strength. Group Aerial Yoga classes are offered for various levels to meet yogis at any stage of their Aerial Yoga journey, from true beginners to advanced practitioners.

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Power Yoga is a dynamic yoga practice that draws upon traditional elements of Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Baptiste, Pranayama and Meditation. This amazing whole body yoga helps to build physical strength, improve cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn, muscle development and overall flexibility. Through a creative mix of standing postures, floor postures and connecting postures known as Vinyasas, which help to improve strength in the upper body, back, chest and triceps. Join Char Willingham each week for a powerful and exhilarating, stress relieving flow that will reawaken your entire body, improve mental focus, calm your mind and leave you feeling peaceful, rejuvenated and reconnected.
This is a heated practice taught in a room set to 95-105 degrees with 40%+ humidity.



An easeful non-heated, non-flow, spacious practice that helps you to slow down, open and release by utilizing simple to access passive floor postures, stillness and holds of two to six minutes. This beautiful practice not only helps to regulate the flow of “Qi” energy by stimulating the meridians, channels, or pathways, but also helps to strengthen, lengthen, and hydrate the deeper connective tissues that are responsible for mobility and flexibility; such as the fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones. This Yin Yoga class helps to improve flexibility, while building inner stamina and mental endurance with a complementary meditation and intertwined mindfulness practice. Yin Yoga is a wonderful stand alone practice, or the perfect complement to your “yang” yoga practice and exercise. Give the gift of “Yin” to yourself today, your mind & body will thank you! No prior experience needed. Open to all levels.



Restorative yoga can help you to feel better, calmer and happier in your body, your mind and your life. This receptive and fully accessible practice, utilizes passive shapes supported by props and a deep sense of comfort and relaxation; bringing the mind, physical body and emotional being into balance. Poses are held from 5+ minutes giving the body ample time to transition into rest mode, while the mind is nurtured through a complimentary meditative practice. Smoothly progressing to an extended savasana with guided relaxation. Indulge in this wonderful opportunity to withdraw from the over stimuli of everyday busyness and flow into ebullience, blissful healing and total body harmony.  Classes are either 60 min, 75 min, or 90 min depending upon location. Open to all levels. No prior experience necessary to enjoy the many wonderful benefits of a Restorative Yoga practice.

Char offers two types of Restorative Yoga Classes.

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A wonderful opportunity to explore balance through the sweetest combination of movement and stillness. This 75-min practice is divided into three parts: A breath practice combined with a breath centered, stress relieving flow and restoring practice; consisting of postures and techniques that release the myofascia, lubricate the joints, revive connective tissue and release the mind. Unlock the secret to having more mental and physical energy through straightforward techniques for introversion, stillness and perfectly paired movement. Leave this body & mind tuning practice feeling renewed with a sense of peace, a deeper connection to YOU and a readiness to embrace the fresh possibilities of tomorrow.

During yoga class women do Alternate Nos


Pranayama is one of the many methods that we use to elicit deep relaxation and quiet, giving us the opportunity to recover and heal from stress. The practice reveals and refines the details of our energetic patterns, as it compliments our Asana practice, which reveals our physical habits and patterns, while strengthening our physical body. Pranayama also compliments our meditation practice, which keeps us connected to ourselves and helps us to cultivate inner awareness. Char incorporates Pranayama into her group classes, meditation sessions and private sessions. She also offers Pranayama workshops. Visit her livestream and in person schedule to join her group classes and if you’re interested in scheduling a private session, click on the link below.



Meditation is training for the brain and provides strength, clarity and stability of the mind. It increases our ability to focus our thoughts, and mindfully wakes us up to what's going on in the present moment. A consistent meditation practice has been proven to reward practitioners with a host of scientifically supported benefits. This class consists of progressing through several ancient tibetan buddhist meditation practices, such as mindfulness meditation and contemplative practices with a secular approach. This is a great class to assist you with establishing and maintaining a formal meditation practice. Char also incorporates many of these ancient practices into her group yoga classes. Group formal meditation classes and privates sessions also available. Attend a class, or contact to schedule.



Also referred to as Vibrational Sound, or Sound Baths is a form of Sound Healing, used as one of many holistic approaches to balancing the whole body. These oscillations in energy stimulate the spinal cord and sends waves through the nervous system, cells, tissues and organs; while simultaneously balancing the subtle energy body, which contains the chakras and aura field. The beautiful tones produced by the singing bowls create a heightened state of consciousness, due to their effects on the interneuronal connections. Invoking a deep state of relaxation, as the observer is guided into a mindful state very similar to meditating. Thus, making singing bowls the perfect and quintessential aid to any meditation practice. In this relaxed, balanced and serene state induced by vibration, the mind guides the consciousness on an inner journey, giving the listener the opportunity to see themselves and the world around them from a refreshed, peaceful and enlightened perspective.

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Derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘yoga’ meaning union, or one pointed awareness and ‘nidra’ meaning sleep. Also known as “The Sleep of the Yogi” Since Yoga Nidra and Sleep are closely intertwined. Yoga Nidra is a meditative, regenerative practice that offers similar benefits as those resulting from sleep, which helps our wounds to heal, improves memory, boosts the immune system, manages pain, and lowers stress. When practicing Yoga Nidra, the body relaxes, while the mind stays awake and one-pointed as it is in meditation. Read more...

Woman practicing Tai Chi Quan in the par


Taoist yoga embodies the elements and rhythm of nature in this dynamic and regenerative practice; combining a synergistic blend of Taoist breathing, gentle yoga stretching and flowing martial arts movements. Designed to awaken the body's energy pathways, nurture the joints, and center the mind. As a branch of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this ancient healing art has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to keep the body's life force energy (Qi) circulating and flowing. Encouraging a heightened state of awareness of one's own internal energy, which helps to facilitate health, happiness, and inner peace; leaving the practitioner feeling tranquil and revitalized.



CORE-Rective Yoga is a signature program created by Char Willingham that combines the ancient yoga knowledge of asana with modern movement science to help depattern the body and mind. The importance of this depatternization of movement is to reduce chances of injury both on and off the mat. The CORE in this program is not referring to your abdominal muscles, which we do happen to target occasionally in this class, but CORE as in the central and most important part of you. The innate part of yourself that we work to uncover in this practice. The corrective part of this class is a combination of yoga asana, movements and techniques that help release the myofascia, lubricate the joints, revive connective tissue, improve strength, increase flexibility, release the mind and restore peace, balance and calm. Open to all levels from beginners to advanced
practitioners. Though not for the "faint-hearted." Come get out of your comfort zone, inspire and be inspired and leave feeling like you just did the most amazing thing for your body, mind and YOU!

Yoga candles


SPA Yoga® is a slow-flow, floor-based, whole-body sensory experience that engages all of the five senses. Relax as Char guides you through a mindful flow consisting of deep stretches, soft candlelight, soothing music, aromatherapy and gentle hands-on assists/massage. Enjoy a physical practice that enhances the body’s subtle energy and prepares each participant for deep relaxation and new depths of awareness through an extended, guided savasana. Wrap up this amazing class with an enhanced appreciation of taste, with the occasional gourmet chocolate and leave each class feeling as if you’ve just stepped out of a SPA! A great way to start your morning, or end a long work day! Reserve your spot today!

Young beautiful woman practicing yoga an


Pilates is truly the ultimate mind-body exercise to strengthen, streamline and realign the body! This low-impact mat class is based on the teachings, techniques and variations of Joseph Pilates and utilizes Pilates exercises to enhance outcomes associated with weak abdominals and muscular imbalances. In addition to overuse injuries, arthritis, postural disorders, malalignment issues, and low back pain. This functional, yet effective core mat practice helps to lengthen tight muscles, which enhances your yoga practice, improves running and recovery and workouts of all types; as well as daily life activities. Studies on Pilates show that this practice also challenges the mind and improves cognitive functions, while strengthening mental and physical awareness through the emphasis of breath and body and how they move together. Open to all levels, no prior experience necessary.



The unique fusion of Suspension Training with yoga offers a fresh take on two traditional disciplines. Allowing you to infuse and compliment your yoga practice with the addition of the TRX Suspension Trainer and Zen Mindfulness Concepts. This exciting fusion program embraces the powerful mind, body and breath connection of Yoga with the centering and intention practices of Kokora (heart-mind center and essence) while enhancing the experience with Suspension Training principles.

This exciting evolution of movement enhances mobility and stability and increases strength and flexibility. Giving yoga practitioners the opportunity to bravely explore previously inaccessible yoga postures, while simultaneously assisting yogis in deepening their yoga practice. All while embracing zen mindfulness principles of practice. Try TRX Zen Yoga Flow in group classes, or enhance your fitness routine, or personal yoga practice with TRX Zen Yoga Fusion one-to-one sessions.



A personalized and nurturing yoga practice for individuals at all stages of detection and care. Including those with lymphedema and metastatic breast cancer. Sessions include adaptive yoga poses that are appropriate for each person's stage of treatment, combined with meditation and other optional relief practices. These are private sessions that are free to all cancer patients, but require pre-scheduling. Please email, or complete the contact form for additional information.

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Reiki is a Complementary practice also known as Energy Medicine, or Energy Healing. Sessions offered are mindfully integrated and tailored to fit the needs of each person, with a unique combination of Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Meditation, or simply Guided Relaxation to calm the mind and facilitate a state of peacefulness; while sessions work to reignite the body’s natural healing processes. Each session helps to restore physical, mental and emotional balance for whole body wellness. Reiki treatments & tonings are performed by a Practitioner & Master Teacher of several Reiki styles and lineages, who utilizes the style of Reiki that best suits the needs of her clients. All sessions are done fully clothed and requires no physical contact. Chair Sessions & Distance Reiki treatments are also available.



Join Char Willingham for ‘Roll Ya Bodi’ class & workshop to move, release and nurtures fascia, erase pain, improve posture and enhance athletic performance. This class incorporates self-myofascial deep and gentle tissue release techniques, gentle yoga stretching and corrective exercises to release trigger points, lengthen tight muscles, lubricate joints, hydrate connective tissue, soften scar tissue and unwind knots and adhesions that occur from overuse, underuse, misuse, or abuse. The techniques used in this practice help to increase blood flow to the treated area and improves circulation, mobility, flexibility and body awareness. Leading to improved muscle memory and a stronger sense of self-movement and body position, which in turn helps to minimize injury and reinjury and improve physical performance. Each “hands-off” self-treatment and down-regulating class restores fluidity and warmth in the tissues, while encouraging tranquility, rest and repair.



Thai Yoga Bodywork, also known as nuat thai, nuat phaen boran, or nuad boran, is considered an extension of your yoga practice. Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art originating in Asia and used since approximately 500 b.c. This ancient Ayurvedic-based body science is performed on a floor mat as the recipient is guided through a series of assisted yoga postures and gentle stretches; while palming and thumbing is applied along the body’s “sen” (energy lines) and “marmas” (pressure points) creating a harmonious and rehabilitative dance. This full-body practice relieves muscular tension, increases circulation and restores balance in the body by unblocking and dispersing impeded energy. No lotions or oils are applied and participant remains fully clothed for the session.



Aromatherapy is one of the few complementary practices that is considered both an art and science. Utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants for medicinal applications, to aid in balancing, harmonizing and promoting the health of body, mind and spirit.  As a means of holistic healing, it seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance the body’s innate healing responses. Making Aromatherapy a simple, yet ideal aid for boosting the immune system, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, reproductive and many other bodily systems & functions. Char incorporates Aromatherapy into many of her group yoga classes and private Reiki sessions. Private Aromatherapy sessions are also available.



One-to-one, or small group sessions are ideal for those new to yoga, or the world of fitness and anyone wanting a more individualized experience. Private sessions can combine Yoga and breathing techniques, with relief practices such as Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing and Aromatherapy, or fitness disciplines and exercises such as Pilates & TRX. Small group and 1-2-1 sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, or small group in an effort to maximize rehabilitative benefits. Char offers a supportive and encouraging practice, or training environment, while embracing a holistic approach to assisting clients in achieving a sense of wholeness and balance.



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