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What is Aerial Yoga: Aerial Yoga is a fun combination of Aerial Arts, traditional yoga and pilates. A typical Aerial Yoga class combines elements of a traditional yoga practice such as; breathing, stretching and mindful movement with bending, reaching, twisting, flipping and turning. Suspended silk hammocks are used to lengthen muscles and tissues, increase flexibility and increase upper body and core strength. While offering zero compression of the spine during inversions, greater accessibility to more challenging mat yoga poses and increased awareness of where the body is in space. There are also numerous mental and emotional benefits, such as trust building with one’s own body and the aerial silks. During the incredibly relaxing Savasana, the silk hammock becomes a space for self acceptance and reconnection, as each person is suspended in their own private silk cocoon. Group Aerial Yoga classes are offered for various levels:

Aerial Yoga for Beginners: A wonderful opportunity for those new to aerial yoga to become familiar with the fundamentals of an Aerial Yoga practices, build confidence and strengthen body awareness. Basic poses are introduced, leading to simple inversions, while building the upper body and core strength needed to advance to more challenging poses. The class ends with an extended Savasana in the safety of your own silk hammock.

Aerial Yoga Level 1: Builds upon the fundamentals in a safe and balanced aerial yoga practice. The slow pace of this class gives the aerial yoga novice an opportunity to acclimate to the silk gradually. This helps to build confidence, improve body awareness and increase comfort level. Any pose used in this practice can be modified as desired, to allow the practitioner to remain in contact with the floor. During this hour long class yogis are guided through standing postures using the silk as a prop, seated postures using the silk as a sling, and some simple inversions.  The class concludes with an extended Savasana in the safety of your own silk hammock.

Aerial Yoga Level 2: Continues to build on your knowledge of Aerial Yoga and your skillset with the introduction of a few new poses, transitions and variations. This class is designed to build full body balance, coordination and confidence, while developing the upper body and core strength needed to advance through more challenging poses. The class class ends with an extended Savasana in the safety of your own silk hammock. 

Restorative Aerial Yoga: Much like a Restorative Mat Yoga practice, Restorative Aerial Yoga provides a well needed opportunity to slow things down, so that students can nourish their body, mind and heart. The Aerial yoga silks, along with traditional yoga props are used to help support the body while performing traditional yoga poses and help release the body for deeper relaxation. A restorative aerial yoga practice is another method for achieving the tranquility and mental clarity sought through similar meditative and relief practices. 

AntiGravity® Fitness

Is a fun fitness workout that connects the body and mind. It’s also a technique that allows one to stretch further and hold challenging poses longer by utilizing the AntiGravity Hammock. AntiGravity was created by Christopher Harrison in 1991, making it the originator of the Aerial Yoga Suspension Fitness Genre.

Aerial Yoga & AntiGravity Fitness: About Us
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