Join Char Willingham for weekly online prenatal yoga classes designed to support Mom-to-be at every stage of her pregnancy journey. Each Asana practice offers skilled instruction, stretching, strengthening, stabilizing and flowing movements that help prepare Mom for birth and motherhood by connecting her to her body, baby and a community of fellow Moms. Movements are considered for every trimester, with the help of props and attention to alignment suitable to her growing baby and changing body. Integrated practices such as meditation, guided visualization and pranayama, give Mom the opportunity to tune into the incredible wisdom of her body, take comfort in her breath and relax into the physical, emotional and mental demands of pregnancy. Postnatal yoga classes are a great way for Mom to ease back into movement, stretching, strength-building and core integration appropriately designed for her postpartum journey. Both classes provide ample opportunity for Mom to savor every moment of her perinatal self care.