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Fascial Movement, Yoga, Corrective Exercise, Full Body Rolling & Self Myofascia Release

Join Char Willingham for Roll Model® Method Self Care Fitness classes & workshops that release and nurture fascia, erase pain, improve posture and enhance athletic performance. This class incorporates self-myofascial deep and gentle tissue release techniques, gentle yoga stretching and corrective exercises to release trigger points, lengthen tight muscles, lubricate joints, hydrate connective tissue, soften scar tissue and unwind knots and adhesions that occur from overuse, underuse, misuse, or abuse. The techniques used in this practice helps to increase blood flow to the treated area and improves circulation, mobility, flexibility, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. Leading to an improved somatic landscape and proprioceptive sense, which in turn helps to minimize injury and reinjury and improve physical performance. Each “hands-off” self-treatment and down-regulating class restores fluidity and warmth in the tissues, while encouraging tranquility, rest and repair.

Facial Release & Roll Model Method: About Us
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