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Trauma Sensitive Yoga &  Trauma Informed Yoga

“Yoga isn't about self improvement, its about self acceptance”

Yoga promotes a strong connection with mind and body and within the practice of yoga people have opportunities to heal and grow. Yoga has proven beneficial for addressing stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction recovery, and even personal growth. Yoga for Trauma focuses on body awareness in the present moment, utilizing techniques that are based on the theoretical underpinnings of attachment theory, trauma theory, and neuroscience. Unlike traditional yoga, ‘Yoga for Trauma’ emphasises the internal experiences of the individual, rather than outward form. Through appropriate guidance, people in treatment can gain the tools needed to address their experience in real time by taking effective action. Everything within the framework of a trauma sensitive practice is optional, gentle, and designed to help individuals befriend their bodies. Incorporating trauma sensitive yoga into recovery helps participants experience a decrease in trauma-related symptoms and an increase in positive traits and emotions such as grace, compassion, relating to self and others, acceptance, centeredness, and empowerment.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga: About Us
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