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Char Willingham Holistic Birthwork, Education & Doula Support


Mindful & Holistic - A Mind, Body and Heart-Centered Approach

Char is also a birthing professional offering holistic full-spectrum birth support while working with birthing parents as a Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher to educate, empower and support clients through every stage of their perinatal journey. She strongly believes childbirth works best with the least amount of interference, and when birthing parents feel supported and safe, they relax and trust the wisdom of their bodies. When they feel empowered and well informed, they have more positive birth experiences, fewer interventions, and better birth outcomes. Char’s work as a Birthing partner & coach is guided by this philosophy while providing physical and emotional support to her clients within the structure of their birth vision. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, who were born with the help of a midwife via a home birth and a birthing center delivery, she understands the importance of supporting a birthing parent’s choice to give birth comfortably in any way they choose. Whether through a planned cesarean delivery, medicated vaginal birth, or unmedicated vaginal birth, while helping families adapt as their birth evolves throughout labor. Guiding birthing parents through birth is second nature for Char, and she serves as a calming and reassuring presence.

Char also believes that all birth givers should have access to support and childbirth education as standard care. Especially since we no longer live in “villages” surrounded by multi-generations of birth givers. She embraces a person-centered philosophy supporting autonomy and partnership through anti-oppressive practices motivated by the inclination to offer inclusive, non-judgmental support and advocacy to all birthing parents for the most meaningful outcomes.

Whole Body: Mental, Physical and Emotional Support: Here’s what you can expect from our collaboration: Informed and knowledgeable consultation and based on your preferences, provide comfort with pain-relief techniques including breathing, relaxation, massage, laboring positions, therapeutic touch (i.e., gentle touch, massage, use of essential oils/aromatherapy, acupressure) as well as tips on the use of the birthing ball, hydrotherapy, Rebozo, and Spinning Babies®. (easier childbirth through fetal positioning) Guidance and emotional support for Mom, birthing parent, birth partner, and loved ones. Guidance with postpartum bonding and lactation (nursing & feeding). Educational support (non-medical advice, explanations of procedures, anticipatory guidance) and advocacy. 

Prenatal Yoga Classes & Workshops.

Holistic Birth Support: About Us
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