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Complementary & Alternative Practices (CAM)
Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine

(CAM) Complementary and Alternative approaches are either used alongside, or in place of conventional medical treatments and (IM) Integrative Medicine pairs conventional Western medicine with treatments that address the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person's health, for a person-centered and person-empowered approach to health care.

The idea is that these practices and approaches focus on the whole person, which has been the goal of Holistic Health since the very beginning, with the ancient idea that healing is most effective when you consider the whole person: body, mind, spirit and emotions, rather than focusing on specific illnesses, body parts or symptoms. Fortunately we exist during a time where Alternative Medicine is being embraced the medical community, and Complementary Practices and Holistic approaches are even being accepted in some cases, as “mainstream” healthcare practices. Thanks to Integrative Medicine, many of the clients that find their way to yoga and meditation have often been referred by their doctors. However, these techniques and practices have been used by many different cultures throughout the world for thousands of years for both prevention and treatment. Char is honored to have trained in each of these modalities and to have the ability to offer these wonderful, traditional practices to her clients.

Complementary Practices Offered:





Sound Healing


Guided Imagery and Visualization (Yoga Nidra)

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