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Sacred Women's Circle

Welcome to Soulful Moonfire Sisterhood and Sacred Women's Circle! In the moon's soft light, we gather as a collective of kindred souls for deep connection and spiritual growth. Here, we honor lunar energy, sparking transformative power within us. Our journey is one of self-discovery, healing, empowerment, and authenticity, woven into the rhythms of nature. We celebrate feminine energy, intuition, and our divine spark. We dive deep into the heart space through rituals, conversations, and shared practices; we explore the depths of our being, unveiling our strengths and embracing our vulnerabilities. Our sacred circle provides a haven for open-hearted sharing, deep listening, and loving support. We honor the diversity of experiences, perspectives, and paths that have brought us together. We lift each other together, offering encouragement and guidance as we navigate life's twists and turns. Join us as we fuel our inner flames in the moon's gentle glow, and embark on a transformative journey of sisterhood, empowerment, and spiritual awakening. May our collective light shine brightly, illuminating our paths, bringing warmth and inspiration to the world. With love and reverence. ~SMS

Upcoming Women's Circles:

Saturday, October 28th


Higgins Armory Building, 100 Barber Ave, Worcester, MA 01606

Have Questions? See FAQS below:

Souflful Moonfire Women's Circle: Welcome
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WHAT IS A CACAO CIRCLE? A ceremonial gathering, often led by a trained facilitator, where participants come together to share the experience of drinking cacao - a beverage made from raw cacao beans. This ritual is deeply rooted in Mesoamerican traditions. Participants then drink the cacao meditatively to open their hearts and ground their energies. The Cacao Circle is a safe and sacred space for individuals to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level. It allows for self-exploration and emotional release, often accompanied by various activities, depending on the tradition or style of the facilitator. The Circle isn’t just about the consumption of cacao. It’s about the shared experience, the sense of unity, and the profound introspection it encourages. The cacao is a tool or vehicle for spiritual and emotional exploration and connection.

WHAT IS A SISTERHOOD? "sisterhood" refers to a bond or connection between women based on shared experiences, goals, beliefs, or characteristics. It signifies solidarity, support, and a deep understanding between its members. Sisterhood can manifest in various contexts and dimensions but is ultimately about mutual respect, understanding, and support, allowing women to uplift and empower each other in various aspects of life.

WHAT IS A WOMEN’S CIRCLE?: A gathering where women come together in a safe and supportive environment to share stories, insights, and experiences, often encompassing discussions and activities promoting self-awareness and connection. The Circle aims to provide a safe space for women to connect, heal, empower, and support each other, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

WILL I BE REQUIRED TO SHARE PERSONAL STORIES OR EXPERIENCES? Sharing is usually encouraged but always optional. You can participate at your comfort level.

HOW LONG DOES A TYPICAL CIRCLE LAST? The duration can and will vary, but most or our circles last 1 to 3 hours.

DO I NEED TO PREPARE ANYTHING BEFORE ATTENDING? Typically, no prior preparation is required unless specified in the invitation, such as bringing a journal or other specific items. Otherwise, come with an open heart and mind.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Many participants opt for casual, relaxed clothing that provides ease of movement.

HOW MANY WOMEN TYPICALLY ATTEND?? The size can vary. Most are intimate gatherings of 5-10 women; others are larger but manageable-sized groups. The size of the group also depends on the location.

ARE THERE ANY AGE RESTRICTIONS FOR ATTENDING? Some circles might be for specific age groups, like young adults, mature women or seniors, while our gathering is open to all adult women.

IS THERE A SPECIFIC STRUCTURE OR FORMAT? Each gathering will have its unique theme, but the structure is consistent, such as how the event starts and ends with discussions and activities in between.

WHY IS THERE A FEE? Some of my events are free, while others might require a fee to help cover expenses, food, drink, supplies, etc.; it’s also an energy exchange.

DOES THIS WOMEN’S GATHERING HAVE A RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION OR SPECIFIC BELIEF SYSTEM TIED TO IT?: No, our gathering is non-denominational and inclusive, focusing on personal growth and community rather than religious teachings. However, some of our gatherings may have spiritual elements or themes.

WHAT'S DOES "SACRED" MEAN IN THIS CONTEXT: Sacred underscores the profound respect participants hold for the traditions and practices performed within the circle. This respect extends to the wisdom shared, stories told, and experiences of each participant. “Sacred” conveys a depth of reverence, honor, and respect for the gathering and its intentions. It also represents higher consciousness. Women often seek guidance, clarity, and spiritual growth in this space. It’s also a space free from judgment, distractions, and negativity.

WHAT'S THE SIGNIFICANCE OF A CIRCLE?: The circle, a prevalent shape in nature seen in celestial bodies and life cycles, symbolizes eternity, unity, and the continuous flow of energy. With every point equidistant from its center, it emphasizes equality and inclusion. Culturally, it represents protection, with its boundaries keeping out external negative influences. Its center can also be a focal point for meditation, drawing inward reflection. Ancient structures, like Stonehenge, further attest to its ancient spiritual significance, denoting it as a sacred space.

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