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The Strength & Soar Aerial Yoga TT Program is designed to elevate your teaching skills and deepen your understanding of Aerial Yoga. The Strength & Soar AYTT is an exclusive blend of foundational aerial yoga movements, principles and practices that will provide teachers the needed skills to safely and effectively lead beginner, intermediate and advanced public aerial yoga classes. There are three Levels to the S&S Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and each level of training is outlined below:

Who Should Take the S&S AYTT?

Yoga Teachers looking to add to their teaching toolbox

Students who’d like deepen their understanding of Aerial Yoga for their home or studio practice 

Aerial Yoga teachers who'd like to deepen their Aerial Yoga knowledge, Learn how to teach Aerial yoga, or how to teach more challenging Aerial Yoga classes.

Benefits of the S&S AYTT:

  • Gain Confidence 

  • Improve Aerial Yoga Practice & Teaching Skills

  • Learn cool tricks & flips and share the many wonderful benefits of Aerial Yoga

  • Join a wonderful community of Aerial Yoga Teachers for support, guidance & fun!

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Our Therapies
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Strength & Soar Level 1

Strength & Soar Aerial Yoga TT Level 1: Fundamentals for Teaching Beginners


S&S Teaching Methodology & Pedagogy

Fundamental Principles of Aerial Yoga

Foundational Movements of Strength & Soar

Creating an Ideal Aerial Atmosphere

Smart Sequencing

Class Structure

Effective Cueing

Alignment & Body Mechanics

Benefits of Aerial Yoga Movements

Adaptations of Yoga Asana + Aerial shapes & movements

Progressions & Regressions of Aerial movements

Safety & Contraindications

How to quickly identify and remedy common mistakes

Teaching to different body types and physical abilities

How to use the silk as a yoga prop

How to teach beginner Aerial Flips & Tricks

How to teach Hammock Meditation & a Relaxing Savasana

Rigging: hanging aerial silks and adjustments

Business of Aerial Yoga

Intro to Restorative Aerial Yoga

Also Included:

Additional Training Materials 

New Class Sequences

Teach Real Students in Aerial Yoga Community Classes

Feedback and Guidance on Current Teachings

30 hour Immersion

Yoga Alliance CEUs

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