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According to the ancient yoga teachings, “Now” is the state of yoga. If we are mentally in the past, or future, we are not present in the now. We are dis-integrated. The state of yoga (being “in the now”) comes and goes. As humans we go back and forth between clarity and confusion, between focused attention and zoning out, between attachment and aversion, and between acceptance and denial. We also have a tendency at times to wish we could be different, or that circumstances could be different. This is where our practice of yoga proves to be incredibly helpful, because it helps us to return to the “Now” again and again, each time we roll out our mats. Meditation is the perfect complement to our yoga practice, because it allows us to not only be in the present moment, but also work towards accepting things as they are. These 2500 year old practices help us to improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Ancient yoga texts also laid out a road map for us yogis to follow. Suggesting that yoga is made up of not just asana (yoga poses), but also a collection of attitudes and behaviors, which aid in minimizing our suffering, while helping us to chart our own journey towards contentment. We can achieve this state of happiness and satisfaction through several practices from these ancient written words, but here are a few that you will practice, or currently practice in Char’s group yoga classes and private yoga sessions.

Postures (asanas)

Breath Control (pranayama)

Concentration (dharana)

Meditation (dhyana)

Consistently working towards: Mastery Over External Influences (pratyahara) & Absorption (samadhi)

with the help of the yogic Guidelines & Principles (yamas & niyamas)

Yoga Offerings:

Yin Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Restorative Yoga

SPA Yoga®

Aerial Yoga

Gentle Body Yoga

Power Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

Hatha Flow

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yoga for Breast Cancer & Recovery

Chair Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga Classes: About Us
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