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Vibrational Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Sound Medicine, entrainment, harmony, and homeostasis represent the rational and spiritual foundation for the healing arts and sciences. Vibrational Sound Healing is a complementary therapy used as a holistic approach to balancing the whole person. It also integrates Shamanic ritual practices, timeless lullabies, and cosmic symphony into modern-day existence. Tibetan singing bowls have various entraining effects on human physiology as participants float in the beauty of good vibes, homeostasis, harmony, and entrainment. The concept of entrainment is an interface between physics and biology, and our ability to entrain or experience our harmonization with the vibrations of those around us allows us to feel our connection with the world; without entrainment, the basis of all communication, we would exist in isolation rather than in harmony with the universe. Healing, then, is fundamentally the restoration of harmony from disharmony, which allows us to reconnect with our life energy or essence. Himalayan and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditations are among Char's sound healing offerings. Click here to learn more about Char's Crystal Bowl Meditation and Sound Bath events.

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