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Char’s dance and intuitive movement workshops are the essence of yin energy, which helps to bring the practitioner into the physical body with a higher consciousness, freedom and a stronger sense of self awareness. Introducing participants to a unique Shakti journey, while integrating body, mind and the non-physical Self. This class encourages self connection, expression, compassion and awakening through music and movement. Bringing forth wisdom, spaciousness, creativity, power and playful energy; while encouraging balance through grounding, anchoring, and stillness. Those who dance feel less stressed, experience greater physical well-being, increased confidence, improved memory and coordination and a greater connection to self, others and community. Join Char for dance & intuitive movement classes and workshops that incorporate simple to follow choreography and motivating music, or a fusion of yoga, meditation and sound healing for a revivifying experience. Visit ‘Events & Workshop’ for upcoming dates.

Dance & Intuitive Movement: About Us
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