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TRX Power Yoga Flow - Find Your Zen

This unique fusion of suspension training and yoga offers a fresh take on two incredible disciplines. TRX yoga is a style of power yoga that leverages the TRX suspension trainer as a way of informing the body and the senses while building true resilience. Allowing you to explore yoga asana without fear, or hesitation. By using The TRX Suspension trainer to perform variations of yoga poses you increase stability while using full range of motion. A TRX Yoga class has all of the elements of a traditional yoga practice while firing up the body in a very safe and effective way. It also gives practitioners an opportunity to bravely explore previously inaccessible yoga postures. This exciting fusion program embraces the powerful mind, body and breath connection of yoga, while enhancing the experience with TRX Suspension Training principles. Join Char for Group TRX Yoga classes, or schedule a small group, or private 1-2-1.

TRX Zen Power Yoga Flow: About Us
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